Floor Plan Car Park 1

Car Park Floor Plan

Floor Plan Commercial 1

Commercial Floor Plan 1
Ground Floor

Floor Plan Commercial 2

Commercial Floor Plan 2
Level 8

Floor Plan Commercial 3

Commercial Floor Plan 3
Level 22

Floor Plan Office 1

Office Floor Plan 1

Floor Plan Office 2

Office Floor Plan 2

Floor Plan Office 3

Office Floor Plan 3

Floor Plan Office 4

Office Floor Plan 4

Noble Center Home

Office Space

Office spaces aim to offer easily achievable comfort levels by utilizing cleverly designed concealed amenities controls. Open floor plan is designed for flexible tenant use and brighter spatial quality Spectacular ocean views are available to all offices on the north side and also to higher floors on the south side of the building. The Interior design of offices follows the same structural elegance of the buildings exterior, giving them a clean-line modern touch. Large span column-free office space offers clients with flexible choice as to office set-out and area plan.